Tax Forms

Currently available:
Wisconsin forms and instructions:

Form 1 (and instructions)
Forms H & H-EZ (Homestead Tax Credit) & Rent Certificates (and instructions)
Schedule WD (capital gains)   (and instructions)

Federal forms

The new Form 1040 is supplemented with up to six additional schedules. these are available in the booklet.
(The new Form 1040 for tax year 2018 is a shorter form and replaces all prior Forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ.)

The forms that will be available at the library are the major forms distributed by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.  

Other forms are available online.  Use one of our public computers to print them or print them out at the library from your own device.  You may submit a request to the IRS to have federal forms and booklets mailed to you by filling out an online form or calling 1.800.829.3676.

Library staff may not provide tax assistance or advise you on which forms you need.