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Life at the Library

Spring has arrived! (On the calender anyway!) As we wait for warm weather to enjoy the longer days and outdoor activities, we encourage you to stop in and find something at the library that will help the time pass a little faster. Not only are there some fun events and activities being planned, we offer weekly and monthly events for readers of all ages. Our website offers many electronic resources as well, from money and investment help to genealolgy links. New to the research page is Flipster digital magazine service, offering our readers access to some of the most popular magazines.

Middle Grade Mondays

Middle grade Mondays are fun afternoons for kids that are too old for the children's activities, and a little too young for teen events. Recommended for grades 5-7, students are welcome to stop in after school on Monday for fun aimed at the "middle grades." Younger students who are serious readers may attend. 

Tax Forms and Information

Tax forms are available now at the library.  Unfortunately, as a result of the 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill, funding for the Tax Form Outlet Program - which supplies federal tax products for free to public libraries throughout the country - was drastically reduced.


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