Life at the Library

If the weather forecasters are to be believed, we have finally turned the corner to spring. Now that planting time is near, a visit to our garden center should be on your list. We have a large selection of gardening books to help you with all your flower and vegetable plans as well books to help with patio, deck and other outdoor DIY projects.  There is also a wide variety of birding and road trip planning books available.  It's time to start planning your upcoming vacations and activities and we are here to help.

Oakfield History Night

Join us for an exciting evening of history featuring the Oakfield Speedway.  The racetrack, operational in the 1950's was located just a few miles from town, and was a must-stop for those on the race car circuit. Bill Behm, our host for the evening has extensively researched the track, and his collection includes photos, video footage and interviews with drivers. Guests will enjoy leaning more about this unique part of Oakfields history.
The program will be held in the village community room.

Date of Event: 
Jun 22 2016 - 6:00pm
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